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After 35 years of filming the Scandinature film archive is full of important, interesting, funny and beautiful images from all continents. Scandinature is Scandinavia’s largest film library in its genre. You have a vision; we hopefully have the images to match your dream.

Our film library includes natural history, wildlife, science, landscapes, scenic, historical footage from all continents. We will find the tiger for you, the mummy or the sailing Viking – and of course most of the animals and ecosystems in our part of the world.

When requesting stock shots, please send us an email. You can also reach us by phone: +1 (435) 654 2236 (US Mountain time, GMT-7)

The Scandinature archive is also represented by Absolutely Wild Visuals , search for Scandinature.

And by  The Library Labs in Stockholm, Sweden

Mail to our film archive:

2 responses to “Buy our footage

  1. Scabdinature is InCredible! I’ve Told all my Friends to Check Out all The Great Movies Made by Scandinature.

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