This is our film production catalogue. Here you can find (almost) all the films we have produced over the years, but only those currently in international distribution.

still 11_001Nature’s Dance

A poetic story where animals come alive in dance and courtship. A different kind of natural history film.

Nature’s Dance [»]

Into Iceland's Volcano 3Iceland Volcano Eruption

An Emmy nominated dramatic account of the 2010 eruption in Iceland.

Iceland Volcano Eruption [»]

Volcanologist examinens dyke ThrihnukagugurInto Iceland’s Volcano

A films that tries to explain why Iceland’s volcanoes erupt so violently.

Into Iceland’s Volcano [»]

Grönland Narsarsuaq 1Arctic Dilemma

In a two-part series host Bo Landin travels to Iceland and Greenland to see what climate changes has done, and will do to areas in the Arctic.

Arctic dilemma[»]

Greenland06The Green Land 
Wildlife in the land of Vikings. A surprising story explaining the true story behind a frozen island’s name. Directed by Bo Landin.

The Green Land [»]

Tiger05Maneater: Siberian Tiger
Internationally award-winning drama-documentary about the plight of Siberian Tigers in Russia.
This film is also known as “Conflict Tiger” (director’s cut) and “Last Roar of the Tiger”.

Last Roar of the Tiger [»]

Iceland 11Parting Lands

A story about Iceland, its natural and cultural history, as a country sitting on top of a volcanic hot-spot.

Parting Lands – an Icelandic Saga [»]

lynx 01

Lynx – The Elusive Hunter

This film reveals intimate details about the elusive wild cat of the European forests.

Lynx – The Elusive hunter [»]

Viking Voyages 07The Viking World

This new two-part series takes us in the footsteps of the Vikings, to try to understand their lives.

The Viking World [»]

reindeer 09

Rhythm of the Reindeer

A portrait of the reindeer and the people from around the world who have opted to live with and by them.

Rhythm of the Reindeer [»]

Realm of the Reindeer

A holiday special about an animal without a red nose.

Realm of the Reindeer [»]

Moose 20 lowresOf Moose and Men..

Moose, the most spectacular animal in the northern forests of Scandinavia. A drama of wolf, moose and man.

Of Moose and Men [»]

Viking Voyages 02

Viking Voyages

This science documentary is a story about a farming people from the Nordic countries who became great seafarers.

Viking Voyages [»]

Greenland Iceland 2007 150The Ice Age Horse (presently not in distribution)

The Icelandic horse has emerged out of the sagas to become an integral part of Icelandic culture and society.

The Ice Age Horse (no link)

Dead Sea Scrolls 12 lowresThe Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls shed light on the earliest days of Judaism and Christianity.

The Dead Sea Scrolls [»]

Conquering - Closing Arctic 23 lowresClosing the Arctic Circle

The film follows scientists travelling along the coasts of Russia and through the High Arctic in Canada.

Closing the Arctic Circle [»]

Conquering - Closing Arctic 08 lowresConquering the Arctic

This is a film about the people who make these scientific expeditions possible.

Conquering the Arctic [»]

Lost Valley of the Dreambird 13 lowresLost Valley of the Dreambird

Filmmaker Hans Giffhorn has a dream of hummingbirds, and to one day find the rarest of them all, Loddigesia.

Lost Valley of the Dreambird [»]

Bushmen 08 lowresBushmen – Hunting for Their Future

The Bushmen of Namibia’s northeast Kalahari are one of Africa’s last true hunter-gatherer communities.

Bushmen – Hunting for their future [»]

Lion of the Americas 12 lowres

Lion of the Americas

The film follows the story of six mountain lions in the Northern Rockies.

Lion of the Americas [»]

Cyanide Blues 10 lowresCyanide Blues

This is a positive story about a river that refused to die and a people who refused to accept defeat.

Cyanide Blues [»]

 Blue Harvest 06 lowres Wild Scandinavia: Blue Harvest – The Coast of Life

At the northern coast of Norway the waters are among the richest in the world.

Blue Harvest – The Coast of Life [»]

Conquering - Closing Arctic 23 lowresWild Scandinavia: Svalbard – Where Polar Bears Reign

The islands of Svalbard constitute one of the most northerly land territories for many animals and plants.

Svalbard – Where Polar Bears Reign [»]

Avaq 05 lowresWild Scandinavia: Avaq – The Arctic Toothwalker

For the Inuit of the Arctic, the walrus spells survival and prosperity.

Avaq – The Arctic Toothwalker [»]

Laponia 12 lowresLaponia

It is an area known as the Land of the Midnight Sun and is by many regarded as the European Eden.

Laponia – Land of the Midnight Sun [»]

Death of a Bison Bull 05 lowresThe Death of a Bison Bull

The film shows how the death of a bull ensures the lives of other animals.

The Death of a Bison Bull [»]

Singing Apes 01 lowresSinging Apes

Follow a researcher, Dr. Björn Merker, in pursuit of gibbon song and behavior in the wild.

The Singing Apes [»]

Taiga 11 lowresTaiga – Forest of Frost and Fire

This is the film about one of the most extreme and largest habitats on earth, the northern boreal forest.

Taiga – Forest of Frost and Fire [»]

Candamo 13 lowresCandamo – A Journey Beyond Hell

This film is a story about three men who decide to make an journey up the Tambopata and Candamo rivers.

Candamo – A Journey beyond Hell [»]

Nagarahole 03 lowresNagarahole – Tales from an Indian Jungle

Award winning filmmaker Shekar Dattatri presents the beautiful Nagarahole National Park.

Nagarahole – Tales from an Indian Jungle [»]

Cheetahs 02 lowresCheetahs – Running for their Lives

The wild Cheetah, presented by Lise Hanssen a cheetah activist working in Namibia.

Cheetahs – Running for their Lives [»]

Wolverine 09 lowresWolverine – The Last Phantom

One of the most difficult animals to capture on film, the wolverine, in it´s natural habitant in USA and Finland.

Wolverine – The Last Phantom [»]

Yellowstone 05 lowresYellowstone – America’s Eden

The classic, definitive view of earth’s most famous wildlife sanctuary, the Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone – America’s Eden [»]

Return of the Raptors

The dramatic story of Scandinavia´s birds of prey.

Return of the Raptors [»]

Living With Wolves 03Living with Wolves

For more than 30 years Eric Zimen has lived with Wolves and studied people´s behavior towards them.

Living with Wolves [»]

Tundra Hunters 07Tundra Hunters

The story about Merime and his family, of Ngonnasan, a nomadic people living in northern Siberia.

Tundra Hunters [»]

Secrets of the pharaohs 2 copySecret of the Pharaohs

A journey through history among pharaohs, priests and commoners in ancient Egypt.

Secrets of the Pharoahs [»]

Svalbard 05 lowresArctic Survivors

This film features life on the island of Svalbard and is the first account of some of its underwater wildlife.

Arctic Survivors [»]


The story of the revenge of the elephant seal. Filmed at Husvik and Grytviken, on South Georgia.

Beachmasters [»]

arctragedy01Arctic Tragedy

The fascinating wildlife of the Barents Sea, one the most productive oceans on earth.

Arctic Tragedy [»]

kodiak01Kodiak – Island of the Great Big Bear

A dramatic story about bear and salmon, beavers and eagles.

Kodiak – Island of the Great Bear [»]

Shola 02Shola – India´s Jungle of Rain

Shola – India´s Jungle of Rain takes you on a journey through an incredible variety of wildlife.

Shola – India’s Jungle of Rain [»]


Hans Östbom’s film about the Baltic Seal which just a few years ago looked unlikely to survive.

Sealsong [»]

Raccoon Dog
The story of three orphaned raccoon dog pups and how they learn to survive, without parents.

Racoon Dog [»]

Moose 07 lowres

The Man Made Moose

Swedish wildlife management has developed the biggest moose population in the world.

Man Made Moose [»]

Green Medicine
Eighty percent of the world´s people rely on herbal remedies for their primary health care.

Green Medicine [»]

A Bat´s Life
An award-winning documentary by Anders Gissla about some of the 13 species of bats living in Scandinavia.

A Bat’s Life [»]

Secrets of Antarctica
Explores the exotic “last frontier” and presents its present inhabitants.

Secrets of Antarctica [»]

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