Wolverine – the last phantom

In a world under constant scrutiny, few large animals in North America have managed to elude our perpetual surveillance. One animal that remains a mystery to layman and scientists alike is the wolverine, who lives in such isolation that few people will ever come in contact with one.

The task of finding and following a wolverine is daunting-and dangerous. An angry wolverine can run down a man and inflict serious, even fatal wounds. This movie filmed in Montana, USA brings us closer to an animal that most of us will never see.

Produced by:Ronald Tobias, Ryan Flair & Bo Landin

» Received Bronze Certificate of Merit at The VIII Prix Leonardo 1997 Parma, Itay 1997
» Selected at FRAPNA, Grenoble, France 1997.
» Selected at Ökomedia’97 – 14th International Ecological Film Festival, Freiburg, Germany 1997.
» Selected at the 13th International Festival of Ornithological Film of Ménigoute, Ménigoute, France, 1997.
» Selected at Festival of the Bay of Somme, Abbeville, France 1998.
» Received Merit Awards for Discloure and Production Value at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula, Montana 1998.
» Selected at the 5th European Nature Film Festival Valvert /Brussels, Belgium, 1998