Wild Scandinavia – Blue Harvest

Throughout history, the people of northern Norway have prospered, harvesting from the sea. At the polar front in the Barent´s Sea there is an upwelling of nutrients, which feed an extreme production of phytoplankton. With such a base of the food chain, the result is overwhelming stocks of fish, seals and birds. When cod, herring and capelin migrate to the coast for spawning, these resources become available to predators along the coast – including people.

The traditional coastal fishery is in a true sense sustainable. There is enough for everyone, including the sea eagle and the killer whale. But the system is vulnerable. In the 80’s, large scale trawling nearly wiped out both cod and capelin. But the politicians learned their lesson. Fishing quotas were cut down and the healing process started. And with more fish in the sea, birds and marine mammals responded quickly.

As the Blue Harvest along the coast of northern Norway once again brings prosperity to the region, it is indeed The Coast of Life.

Cinematography: Lars Øivind Knutsen, Hans Östbom, Armin Mück, Tony Holm

Produced and written by: 
Henrik Ekman

Executive producer: 
Bo Landin