Bo Landin often speaks out on issues concerning film making and the international TV market.

People working with film call themselves artists and they strongly protect their artistic freedom. It is a prerogative worth fighting for. But at the same time we live in a commercial world where we need to make choices. At the Realscreen Summit in 2004 and 2005 Bo Landin gave successful master classes in international co-productions, and he said:

“Your life will be much easier if you accept that we are working in a business. We may all think of ourselves as artists, or people with great ideas about how to change the world (love and peace and all the rest). But we are working in a highly competitive market place where all decisions are based on financial results for the parties involved. It doesn’t matter if the broadcaster is “commercial” or “public”, the same applies; viewers mean money and our films are just tools in this competition. The more money your films can deliver to the broadcasters, the more successful you will be yourself. You may even change the world!! Accept the rules of the game, do the best you can, or do something else!!”

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Working with animals, wild or tame/controlled, is an important part of our business. At heart we are all conservationists, and we need to get it right. The feature film industry has had rules in place for a long time. We all felt that was obvious because “Hollywood” is commercial and couldn’t care less. That is not true. But at Scandinature we felt it was strange our own documentary film business lacked guidelines. After all, we could often see strange animal behaviors on the screen, and many times we understand the filmmakers are pushing animals to do, or not to do, various things to get a spectacular image for a film.

Therefore, in 1997, Bo Landin introduced a set of guidelines for the natural history and documentary film industry. They were partly based on guidelines used inside the BBC. We chose to call them WILD CARE and every filmmaker working with animals should adhere to these guideline. No doubt, many years have passed, new players are in the field doing films. Maybe it is time to update the rules and spread the message.

WILD CARE – Guidelines for filming and working with animals for film