Viking Voyages

Around the turn of the first millennium Leif Eriksson sailed west and discovered North America. This daredevil Viking sailed from Iceland, via Greenland to New Foundland to build the first “European” settlement on the new continent. The Nordic sagas tell about dangers at sea and ships being lost, but also about a new land found. What was once believed to be a saga, written by storytellers with a vivid imagination, has proven to be an accurate account of a fascinating piece of world history.

This science documentary is a story about a farming people from the Nordic countries who becoming great seafarers, establishing a reign from the western Atlantic all the way east to the Caspian and Black Seas. It is also a story about a peaceful people going wild, epitomizing evil forces and destruction. It is a story of their technological advances and great skills in building boats and navigating the sea.

Based on re-enactments and meetings with scientists on location, this film presents new evidence, on a journey that takes the viewers from Scandinavia, to Iceland, Greenland, New Foundland and the USA.

1 x 52 minutes

Produced and directed by: Bo Landin.
Cinematography: Björn Lundqvist

Viking Voyages is a co-production with Discovery Channel, France 5 and ZDF