Tundra Hunters

Tundra Hunters looks at the Ngonnasan, formerly nomadic people living in northern Siberia, who were forced to leave their nomadic existence and live amongst Soviet society during Stalin’s reign.

When Merime and his family decide to return to the northern tundra to live, filmmaker Erik Zimen and his crew move in with the family to film their progress through the seasons. The film shows how they survive in a region that has changed considerably and compares their life with the destruction of the 700 Ngonnasan people left behind.

Produced by: Erik Zimen & Bo Landin

» Received Merit Award for Cinematography and Merit Award for Visual Documentation of Native Traditional Lifestyle at the International Wildlife Film Festival / Missoula, Montana, USA 1997.
» Selected at the 8th Festival International du Film Animalier Albert / Albert, France, 1998.
» Finalist and runner up for the Human and Animal Award at Wildscreen 1998.