Taiga – Forest of Frost and Fire

One of the most extreme and largest habitats on earth is the northern boreal forest, the Taiga. In this forest of enormous contrasts, animals and plants have evolved the most intriguing strategies. Only those who can survive the frost and the fire, the floods and the cold subarctic desert conditions will survive.

During the freezing winter, the water is bound as ice or snow and life is almost at a stand still. Snow protects plants and smaller animals against cold weather and large predators. But for others, the snow is like a white impenetrable wall, which keeps them away from badly needed energy.

In summer life is booming and the wet forest dries up. This is the time for forest fires, which are devastating for some organisms – but they also give way to new life. Filmed in Scandinavia and the heart of Russia, this film present an ecosystem like it has never been captured on film before.

Written and produced by:Bo Landin, Tom Arnbom and Jan Henriksson

» Winner of the 1999 Jan Lindbladh-trophy for best film about nature in Europe (Wildlife Europe Film Festival)
» Awarded at the Aosta International Nature Film Festival Trofeo Stambecco D’Oro. The jury gave the film the Milano-Ronda Scientific Prize.
» Selected as a finalist at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, USA in 1999.