Singing Apes

Did you know that among some of our closest relatives in nature; there are some that sing and walk upright? These are the gibbons. There are 12 species of these singing apes in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. As a group they are called the Lesser Apes, but the “Graceful Apes” might have been a more respectful name for the group, because these are the ultimate tree-top acrobats of the world.

In the film we follow a researcher in pursuit of gibbon song and behavior in the wild. Our journey takes us through the rainforests in India, Thailand, Borneo, Java and Sumatra. In these virgin forests we meet with six different gibbon species. The drama and the beauty of the lives of these apes in their natural habitat will allow a number of questions to be raised and pursued: Why do the gibbons sing? Why is the singing so different between different gibbon species?

The Singing Apes is a natural history film with a twist, a human touch angle and an insight into a fascinating scientific work.

Directed and filmed by: Jan Röed

Research: Dr. Björn Merker

Written by: Bo Landin