There was a time when Scandinature Films resided in the city of Karlstad in Sweden. That’s where we have our roots. In Karlstad is also where 20-25 employees work with film production in the field and post production in our own in-house facility. We worked with TV productions, educational films, children’s programming, new media concepts and the occasional corporate films.

After moving to the USA and closing down the Swedish operations, we have also focused on our own film and projects.  This is also our focus moving forward. But over more than 30 years of film and media production, we has assembled a lot of experience, build a huge global network of very talented film workers and learned to tackle the most complicated circumstances and challenges.

So if you have a project which you want to have documented, turned into a movie or a media presentation, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If we share in your vision, we will bring all we have to the table and make your product a smashing hit.

We love to tell stories. It could also be your story.