Secrets of the Pharaohs

This unique film is a scientific adventure, a journey through history among pharaohs, priests and commoners in ancient Egypt. It brings to life the pharaohs and their families, and historic events of times past.

It has been said that a soap opera could be written about ancient Egypt, starring the royals of Thebes. The dynasty began with the death of Sekenenra Tao, and drew to an end more than 200 years later with the remarkable reign of the mysterious king Akhenaten and his successor, Tutankhamen.

In their quest for eternal life, driven by a desire to purify and preserve the “blood of the gods”, did the Egyptian royals destroy themselves through intermarriage? When King Tutankhamen died, many mysteries were buried with him, until modern science could find a way to unearth the Secrets of the Pharaohs.

Produced by: Bo Landin