Return of the raptors

Return of the Raptors illustrates the dramatic history of Scandinavia´s birds of prey. In the early 1960″s crippled and poisoned birds of prey became symbols of environmental awareness, and their plight led Sweden to become the first nation to restrict usage of industrial chemicals.

With more than 20 years of successful breeding programmes many species have been saved and now the falcon, sea eagle and eagle owl are more numerous, but unfortunately not all birds have adapted to changes in the landscape.

Produced and directed by: Bo Landin & Roger Olsson

» Presented at the Festival International du Film Ornithologique, Ménigoute/France 1995.
» Selected for 6th Festival of the Bay of the Somme, Abbeville Cedex, France 1996.
» Received Merit Award for Scientific Content, Merit Award for Footage and Finalist Award at the International Wildlife Film Festival / Missoula, Montana, USA 1996.
» Awarded “Main prize of the category E,” (Documentary issues), at the XXXIII rd EKOTOPFILM ´96 International Festival of Professional Films, TV and Video Programmes, Slovak republic, 1996.
» Awarded prize for the “Most Original Approach to Environmental Issues” at the 2nd International Environmental Film Festival “Green Screen,”St. Petersburg, Russia 1997