Of Moose and Men

A moose in your garden wreaks havoc among tulips and apple trees, moose graze a graveyard green, moose cause tragic traffic accidents, and moose are the hunter’s prey, food, and the most spectacular animal of the northern forests of Scandinavia.

The moose can play many roles, and in Sweden most people have a personal relationship with the animal. In attempting to portray this relationship, comes a natural history film with a twist; as much a film about people, culture and the relationship between humans and moose, as about the animals themselves.

Filmed and produced by the award-winning team behind many Scandinature productions, this film provides viewers with a totally new insight into the world of this large deer, as well as a few good laughs.

Award: FIFA  festival international du film animalier international wildlife film festival Albert  Somme  ,  France 2004:  KNOWLEDGE OF THE EUROPEAN WILDLIFE

Produced and Directed by: Henrik Ekman and Tom Arnbom

Cinematography: Jan Henriksson

Executive Producer: Bo Landin