Lost Valley of the Dreambird

Deep in the forest-dappled foothills of the Peruvian Andes lays a forgotten valley. Once a rich culture, far older than the Incas, flourished here. Their passing has left majestic ruins, a valley of caves, a thousand tombs, and a thousand mummies. But has the Utcubamba Valley given up all of its secrets?

Since childhood, filmmaker Hans Giffhorn has nurtured a dream of hummingbirds, and a desire to one day find the rarest of them all, the Marvellous Spatula-tail, Loddigesia. Believed to be extinct for more than 40 years, his search takes him across the world, to the Rio Utcubamba where he encounters many rare animals, spectacled bears, cock of the rocks, beautiful endemic orchids and hummingbirds never before seen by science; but will he find his dream?

He visits village after village, showing drawing of his dream-bird, but gets only a negative; Such a bird has never been seen here, people say; Until one day….

A film by: Hans Giffhorn

Producer / Director: Julian Thomas

Executive Producer: Bo Landin