Living with wolves

A hundred years ago the wolf was common throughout most of Europe. Today shattered populations remain in only a few countries, in areas where people have accepted to share their environment with an animal which at times causes havoc and conflict.

For more than 30 years, international scientist and film director Erik Zimen has lived with wolves and studied people’s behaviour towards them, capturing unique footage on camera of wolves behaviour across Europe, from Scandinavia, Spain and Germany to Italy and Romania

Produced by: Erik Zimen & Bo Landin

» Awarded prize at PROMARKET s.r.o. EKOFILM 95, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
» Awarded first prize as Best Nature Film at Ökomedia International Film Festival in Freiburg, Germany, 1995.
» Selected at FRAPNA in Grenoble, France – February, 1996.
» Presented at Festival International du Film Animalier, Albert/France, 1996.
» Presented at 12th International Festival of Ornithological Film of Ménigoute/France, 1996.
» Presented at International Film Festival of the Environment (RIENA), Paris/France 1996