Laponia is the largest contiguous area of undisturbed wilderness in Europe and designated as a World Heritage Site. It is an area known as the Land of the Midnight Sun and is by many regarded as the European Eden. It is where the sun shining 24 hours a day during the summer is replaced by the magnificent northern lights during the long winter darkness.

In this epic documentation of the wildlife of Lapland, cinematographers Arne Naevra and Jan Henriksson have captured unique footage of the animals of the region. This region is well known for its large number of predators. The film will tell the story how dominating animals like the moose and the reindeer, must survive the competition with lynx, wolverine, bear, arctic fox and birds of prey.

The story follows the reindeer and the moose migrating between the forested lowlands and the snowclad alpine peaks. The wild moose is regarded as the majestic king of Laponia. When the moose aggregate in large numbers in the Rapa Valley, in Sarek National Park, the autumn rut becomes a battle for dominance. And of course, no film about the Laponian area is complete without understanding the role of the lemmings. These rodents are the staple food for most other predators.

» Awarded the Special Prize for comprehensive treatment of the natural history of Lapland and hereditary culture of the Saams at the 1st Matsalu International Nature Film Festival held in Lihula from 2 to 5 October 2003.

Produced and directed by: Tom Arnbom

Cinematography: Jan Henriksson, Arne Naevra