Said about the boots

Please send us your images of muddy boots, and tell us your short story behind the picture. We look forward to adding your story to the gallery.

Below are some of many comments received over the years:

Jeeze . “Boots in limbo”
Lawyer Jordan Yospe commenting on delayed film financing deal

Thank you and keep your boots muddy but lens dry and clear!
Steven R. King Ph.D.
Ethnobotanical Research, Sustainable Supply and IP
Napo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Boots not muddy but full of chicken shit.  That count?
Ronald (Tobias, in Montana, just bought a farm and retired…)

rart, som vi siger på dansk, at høre fra dig og især, at du er i fuldt sving, så dine støvler sprudler af vulkansk aske!
Adam (Schmedes, dansk naturfilmare)

😉 jag ska försöka hålla stövlarna leriga, den är riktigt bra!
Fredrik Wikström, Ungdomsstyrelsen

Som gammal Fältbiolog blir jag oerhört glad av att läsa Håll stövlarna leriga!   J
Birgitta Collvin Intendent Värmlands museum

 Modern text conversation between Bo and Anders Modig (biologist and much more)
LL (symbol for two muddy boots, says Bo)
JJ (muddy traditional Nordic pointed boots, says Anders)

“”’  ‘””
/     /        (running barefoot, says Bo)

() over pronated feet,  A
)( need shoe insert against under pronation, B
OO boots filled with snow

Enjoy the pancakes in your slippers!
Peter (Pas, distributor at Parthenon, in a morning mail exchange)
August 2012

Du anar inte hur passande avslutning du har på ditt brev, det finns inte en torr stövel i hela detta land. Stövlar är dessutom det enda gångbara just nu.
Anette Rhudin, Mårbackastiftelsen, juli 2012

Richard (Sigler, Attorney Los Angeles)
February 2012

Björn  (Hedén, tekniker Cosmonova Stockholm)
February 2012

With all best wishes – keep your boots muddy, but your minds clean!
Jan Cerovsky
RNDr Jan Cerovsky CSc Honorary Member of IUCN
March 2012

Paul (Cox, world traveler and ethnobotanist. March 2012)

Karlstad, Sweden

Keep your boats muddy!
Paul  (Cox, ethnobotanist, or was is ethnoboatanist, in communication about marine cyanobacteria and testing in the Baltic Sea)

Thanks and trying to keep boots out of dog poo on Croisette!
D’Arcy Wyvill. Sales director
Parthenon Entertianment Ltd on his way to the MIPCOM market

Will die with Muddy Boots
Paul van Schalkwyk
A less cheerfull statement by the ever optimistic and fighting producer Paul in Namibia, on his way to the operating room with prostate cancer.He came out of it a new man, without the cancer and shouting: “never take a piss for granted!!” Good on him!!

Boots muddy – slippers soft!
Thomas Storesund
Editor Access Hollywood

I think I took 18 flights over the last month, which doesnt give a mans boots much chance of keeping muddy!!
Bob Nadkarni, Rio de Janeiro
Working on Jungle Soccer

End of May 2005 Bo Landin fell while inline skating in Salt Lake City. The result was a broken upper arm and shoulder joint, which prompted a number of “good advice” from friends around the world:

Take care..maybe you should just stick to putting those muddy boots on your feet…nothing with wheels.
Phil Fairclough, Discovery Channel

Cheers. Can’t keep our boots muddy here in Australia because of the continuing drought (Global Warming!?)
Larry (Zetlin)

Men ta det lugnt i backarna och fastna inte med stövlarna i leran!
Peter Hanneberg

boots upside down on the heater
Jan (Kelly at Discovery’s HD Theatre, on the perils of fall in Washington D.C.)

By the way…I’m keeping my boots muddy alright…I fell while on a run the other and got my whole body covered in dirt! Oh well, such is life.
Jennifer Padden at Disvoery’s HD Theatre on the dangers of living on the wild side of Washington DC

Stövlarna är blöta, jag har ramlat i älven, igen! (My boots are wet, fell into the river, again!)
Arne (Berg)
Icehotel Sweden

I keep my moods buddy!
Paul, van Schalkwyk, African filmmaker with more problems than he wants

I had my boots on…but slept with them!
Cheers Praveen (Indian filmmaker who missed his flight from Delhi to Sweden to complete the editing of Maneater: Indian leopards)

Behold jord under neglene!! (keep the shit under your nails!!)…a proposed language from Denmark, from the team behind the film idea of the Knight Templars…
Erling & Hedda

No problem with the feet. They are rested. Have been standing on my hands for a few months now. Figured it made more sense to keep my arse above the water instead of my nose. In this way I saved my ass!! Send Boots
Paul (Survivor in Namibia…)

“Hold føttene varme”- (Keep your feet warm)Norwegian camerman Arne Naevra after 40 days on Wrangel Island

Håll dubbarna doppade?Håll livlinan löpande?Håll ispiken hackande?Håll vakarna välfyllda?Håll svartisen sjungande?
Roger (Olsson, Swedish writer, on prospects of skating on the lakes)

Hold næsen ovenvande (keep your nose above the surface), don’t look down on your boots!Adam Schmedes, Danish filmmaker commenting on the hard times

A BAKANCSOM A POLCON POROSODIK.(My boots are gathering dust on the shelf 😦 )
Zoltan Török in Hungary, waiting to be sent out filming

Whatever – best of luck with this and other projects. I’m off to get my boots snowy in France.Nick Upton, director/producer, UK

PS – this mad country – after a january of fires we are now a week into rain deluge – and its now hailing like golfballs! Cars outside our office have been covered in ice from on high!Tim McGee, Beyond International, Sydney, February 2002

Don’t worry. In Guyana my boots are always muddy. And not only my boots!!!
Marion Pöllmann

Just wanna’ let you know that I’m sure that this is the country where your slogen was born. “Keeping your boots muddy” is very easy here…
Zoltan Török on a shoot in Moldavia

And I hate to say that these boots have been clean for far too long. I might be making a trip soon—-we’ll see if we can find some mud then.
Scott Snider
Acquisition Coordinator
Discovery Networks International

This is the most refreshing e-mail I’ve had all day! I totally agree, and to that end I’m actually moving out of London to return to my roots in the middle of Warwickshire- I’m a country girl at heart! In fact, I’m off this weekend to muddy my boots as it were, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it!
Amanda Haddon (Southern Star London)

Keeping the Boots Informed,
Cajsa (The Landin’s daughter living at University of Utah in Salt Lake City at the time of the terrorist attack on the US)

Jo, nog är stövlarna leriga. Har just varit ute och tittat på en lustig blå lerig morän söder om Stockholm. Minst sagt kladdigt!
Ha det bra!
Jan (Lundqvist, geology professor emeritus Stockholm University

Vidste du at selv bjerstøvler kan holdes LERIGA,Hilsen,
Adam (Schmedes – Danish filmmaker)

Luc Enting Producties b.v.

F. ö finns numera ingen pipa att knacka mot stövelklacken. Jag har därvidlag blivit en avholdsman, därför HÅLL STÖVLARNA INTAKTA!
Ulf (Lindén, advokt med ny livsstil)

John Bryant

Lev väl och håll dansskorna mjuka. 
Prof. Lars Kristoferson
Secretary General, WWF-Sweden

Both Steve’s and my shoes are incredibly clean at the moment but we will try and do better before we see you !
Head of Marketing ITEL London

Keep your boots bloody muddy and generate buckets full of mud so we can get ours muddy too!
Paul (“desperate” filmmaker – again – in Namibia wanting to work more)

Best regards
Throw some mud this way!(“desperate” filmmaker in Namibia wanting to work more)

Listen to the wind while you got stuck with your boots in the mudd.
Your sincerely Michael (van Loeper)

It might be a good idea to bring Gum Boots and a wet suit!! See you.
Jurgen Jozefowicz 12th February 2000, prior to visit to a flooded Johannesburg

Typiskt stövelväder i skärgår’n… really muddy, I tell you…

Malcolm Dixelius (5th January 2000)

I am gathering a collection of boots together, though I’m concerned about having to leave my fashion boots behind!
Henrietta Hurford-Jones HIT Entertainment

And remember, wipe the mud off your boots and use a good leather preservative if you want to prolong the life of your footwear!
Larry Zetlin, Gulliver Film Australia

You are going to have to do some fancy footwork – I recommend ballet shoes.
Paul van Schalkwyk on negotiations with famous TV organization June 1999

Of course Maori never had boots – but I will endeavour to obtain a rough translation of “KEEP THE MUD SQUELCHING BETWEEN YOUR TOES” – “kia paruparu ou matimati”. Simpler is Kia Ora – literally Good Life but meaning Gidday or Goodbye or Fine or Well Done. 
Neil Harraway, NHNZ

Since when should our boots be “mussy”???
Kathy (Pasternak, National Geographic, commenting on a spelling mistake…)

det där med stövlarna förstår jag inte, jag sköter min utrustning så den är ren och snygg!
/Anders Hansson Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet

Keep your boots smokin’

Keep your powder dry. – Cheers – Kia Ora See you in Bristle. 
Neil (Harraway – executive producer Wildlife New Zealand)

Håll ordbehandlaren ren (och stövlarna leriga)…
Peter Franke Informationschef länsstyrelsen Värmland

Den här sommaren har stövlarna verkligen hållits ordentligt leriga, inte minst i de uppländska skogarna.
Många hälsningar Bosse (Kjellén, miljöambassadör, ordförande i Edbergstiftelsen)

Our boots are very muddy in the UK at the moment, come and join us! We are moving from the driest winter to the wettest summer in recorded memory. Unfortunately most people have short memories. Good Pictures
Best wishes
Madeleine Spears/Wildscreen

Idag har det också varit spännande. Min älsta dotter Linnea blev biten i magen av annat barn och lilltjejen Josefine for utför en trappa och fick en riktig fläskläpp. Mina skor är sandiga innuti samt bär spår av banan, oboj, blod och lera. Ha det bra !

Curtis Briggs June 1998 (director of the Dead Sea Scrolls project for Discovery and others, commenting on the fact that the 2000 year old scrolls were partly destroyed by animals living in the caves along the Dead Sea shore)

Vi ses i morron! Tvätta av stövlarna före programmet.
Malcolm Dixelius
inför TV program om Aralsjön april 1998

Hi Bo — in my new life I have muddy boots and muddy stroller wheels. Baby will soon have muddy boots too, that is as soon as he has boots! My boy, Aidan, is now 4 months old!
Kathy Pasternak, National Geographic
February 1998

And boy are my boots ever muddy! Have you been following the weather here?
Best, Beverly
The Ark Trust, Los Angeles,
during El Nino rains in February 1998.

El Nino has been especially kind to us this winter, so we are able to keep our boots muddy much longer than usual.
Don Copeman, Canada, November 1997

Having just returned from the Lake District this weekend, my books are nicely muddy, unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me!
Richard Chambers

Mark Zetler, Zenboy Productions Montana
August 1997

Pierre Helsén
ekonomidirektör TV4

PS. Den här sommaren har det mest blivit dammiga fötter!
(Tittarbrev till TV4 juli 1997)

Nos vemos the mud is all over
Fernando Rivera, Equador

I want to amend your motto: Keep Your Boots Muddy and Your Fingers Crossed.
Sterling Van Wagenen 1997

I always keep my boots muddy… which keeps me happy! Cheers!!!
Rolf , Museum Milwake 1997

Have a wondrful Christmas and for Christ´s sake CLEAN THOSE BOOTS!
Peter Orton, managing director
HIT Entertainment, London
December 1996

Lev väl och torka av de där förbannade stövlarna ngn gång!!!
(Live well and wipe off those dam boots sometime)
Pierre/TV4 8 december 1996

What´s all this about keeping boots muddy?Never leave home without a tin of polish and a duster, that´s what I say!
Pam Beddard, Wildscreen

Daniel Winitzky, Peru

Keep your fur fluffy, eyes bright, whiskers groomed – and hang loose…
Beverly Brown, TV New Zealand
March 7, 1994

The boots are!!
Jenny Cornish, One World Films, Australia
October 28th, 1993

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