keep your boots muddy

IMG_5601For more than 40 years Scandinature’s founder and CEO has ended his letters with the phrase “Keep your boots muddy!!!”. Readers around the world; presidents, prime ministers, filmmakers, friends and others have been amused and puzzled by the use of the words (instead of “yours sincerely” or other phrases often meaning nothing…). Is he insulting the reader, is he not faithful and sincere or what…?

But for Bo Landin the words are full of meaning and intent, his insurance against falling into the trap of boredom, status quo or the devastating mainstream. This is his own explanation to his catch phrase:

“Keep your boots muddy!! means “keep your ears to the ground” which is an old saying which means that you must alert to realize what is coming your way. But keeping your boots muddy also means that you must – as a filmmaker, journalist or fellow human – be present in reality if that is what you aspire to depict and talk about. If you think the world stinks of corruption or environmental pollution, you must dare to stick you head into that kind of mud as well, to create awareness and change. A foot in the mud, and you know what stinks!!

If you say you care about your friends and people in the world, you must share their reality to understand their lives. The more you know about things and people, the more you care. Too many people are stuck in their offices and they are seldom in touch with “reality”. I believe their decisions will be weak and corrupted because of it. Furthermore you will stay much more healthy, and interesting, if you regularly get your boots on and come face to face with nature and and maybe your own limitations. To sit on a mountain side in the Arctic and view a large valley and a glacier will make you humble. To face grand landscapes anyhere, or meet interesting people with immense knowledge of their environment, is always a humbling experience. In natural surroundings we tend to become small and vulnerable, and that helps us grow as individuals and to become more caring people, I believe. We are all living in a world where big egos help us carve out our financial niches and a place on the career ladder, but does that make us better people?

So , keep your boots muddy and enjoy life…”

Read what’s been said about the boots.

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