welcome to scandinature

Welcome to Scandinature.com


We are celebrating our 35th anniversary as a film production company this year. And we are doing it by taking giant leaps into a new side of the film business: the giant screens of the world. Known as “IMAX films” to many people around the world, the concept today is broader and films reaches audiences at both institutional screens (often at science centers and museums) and commercial multiplexes and destination cinemas.It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get high-end science productions to television (hard to compete with rating driven schedules focusing on “reality” programming and sensationalism), the giant screens still offer a place for well scripted high quality films. We believe Scandinature has something to offer in this field: our vast experience of science productions, our skills in telling dramatic stories and our eye for the visual dramatization. And we we have teamed up with the very best crews in the field of giant screen films.

You can read more about our plans on other pages on this site.

I am sure the new film projects will allow us to live up to our slogan:

Bo Landin
CEO and executive producer

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