There are many ways we can use to describe our company. We can talk about the areas of interest and the films we have produced in recent years. We can talk about technology and production processes. In a way this will tell you something about our knowledge base. This is what we do.

But we can also talk about our visions and about the characters working with Scandinature. This defines who we are, and maybe this is more important to you when looking for a partner to work with.

Whatever you look for, at Scandinature we all say that the “fun factor” must be there. We believe no film will be good, no work completed, no time spent in a satisfying way, if we cannot also say we had a lot of fun doing it. And serious topics are not a hindrance for working with a smile of satisfaction.

And we do it all from our base in Heber City along the back of the Wasatch mountains in Utah, a stone throw away from Sundance and the film festival streets of Park City.

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