Closing the Arctic Circle

The Arctic – a cold and dangerous place on Earth, where the polar bear is king over barren, white, ice. But another picture is equally true; a picture of a green Arctic, where the king is a little smaller; a bold little rodent; The Lemming.

Every three or four years, the arctic tundra teems with lemmings. The reason why is a mystery that has given rise to numerous myths. Where do they all come from? This is the story of how scientists of many disciplines have crisscrossed the Arctic in search of the answers.

“Closing the Arctic Circle” follows scientists travelling along the coasts of Russia and through the archipelago of the High Arctic in Canada. The film tells the story of how the scientists revealed a new understanding of the very complicated Arctic ecology, and found clues that will make us better understand the impending change in the world’s climate.

Produced and Directed by: Henrik Ekman and Bo Landin

Executive Producer: Bo Landin