Candamo – A Journey Beyond Hell

This film is a story about three native men who decide to make an adventurous journey up some of the rivers, to a land they had heard been never seen. They travel up the Tambopata and Candamo rivers.

But this is also the story about the amazing wildlife in the area, as seen through the eyes of the visitors. Instead of textbook explanations to biological wonders, we get to know the three men ‘s relations to this nature, which for a long time has sustained their culture.

On their trip they will find heaven beyond Hell. But they also encounter new explorers looking to exploit the hidden resources in the forest. Will one of the richest places on earth and one of the remaining true wildernesses be destroyed, or can natural beauty, biological diversity, and a cultural richness hold the destruction at bay.

Written and produced by:Bo Landin and Daniel Winitzky

» Won the 13th International Festival of Documentary Films on Parks ( held in Sondrio, Italy, 18 – 23 October 1999). The films was awarded this year’s top prize, the CITY OF SONDRIO GOLD PLAQUE.
» Merit Award for Photography at the International Wildlife Film Festival , Missoula, Montana, USA, 1999