Bo Landin

Bo Landin Grönland 1Since a young teenager Bo knew he was going to work with natural history and information. He got an early start at the age of 15 at the local newspaper, writing about nature and environmental topics. He pushed himself through university studies in biology, earth sciences and environmental sciences, but spent more time working as an environmental campaigner and finally, in 1973, ending up as the President of an international environmental organisation. But journalism, or rather the urge to tell a good story to people, was his calling and he soon found himself a producer and presenter at the Swedish National Radio. Setting up the award winning environmental radio show soon prompted Bo to try a similar project on Swedish TV. His environmental films soon reached outside Sweden and all through the 1980’s Bo Landin was actively being part of developing documentaries and hard hitting environmental journalism on TV stations in Europe. His world famous catch phrase “Keep your boots muddy” soon spread around the globe, urging people to produce high quality films that can make a difference. Numerous international awards later Bo still enjoys breaking barriers and facing new challenges. And he loves finding new talent around the world and to help them to the world market. And to this end in 1994 he was invited as a visiting professor for a year at the Film Department at Brigham Young University, Utah, USA, and has since taken the initiative to establish a permanent Masters program for natural history and science film making at Montana State University in Bozeman. Mentoring and teaching is part of his life, and 2013 he stepped in as an adjunct associate professor at the University of Utah to teach advanced film making.

His environmental work has never stopped and in 1990 he took the initiative to creating the Edberg Foundation in Sweden, an organisation he is the President of. For 20 year the foundation has organized seminars, published reports and given out a major environmental award to a young person from somewhere in the world. Realizing that the world is changing rapidly and that new media platforms are part of literally everyone’s lives, he build on the experience and founded The Edberg Dialog for Sustainable Development to harness the power of new media in sustainability projects.

Bo Landin carrying the tri pod and camera equipment on Tundra Expedition -99 (Canadian Nunavut)

Bo Landin carrying the tripod and camera equipment on Tundra Expedition -99 (Canadian High Arctic, Nunavut)

But deep in his heart he longs for the “simple” writing, to see the words be printed in books and journals. He has already written several books, the most famous being the award-winning Om Träd Kunde Gråta (not published in English, but the title read If Trees Could Cry), a documentary account about acid rain and its effect on nature.  “True journalism is in writing”, he says with a smile but not at this stage divulging what his next book will be about.

And his plans also include keeping his golf handicap in single digits, but on doctor’s orders he probably must give up on the goal of winning a Swedish Senior Championship in Track and Fields – as a sprinter in 100 meters (he has a bronze in 100 meter and a silver in 200 meters, but lacks the gold!!). Did we also say he is the CEO of Muddy Boots Productions in Sweden and the President of the Board of Assorted Nuts Animation Studios…and seemingly never sleeps…or

Mail Bo at: blandin(at)

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