Arctic Tragedy

In the Barents Sea, north of Norway and Russia, the Gulf Stream meets the nutrient rich polar current. This meeting results in one of the most productive oceans on earth.

Under the polar ice, which drifts with the winds and currents from the North Pole, is an Arctic food chain beginning with planktonic algae, through fish, seals and whales, and ending with polar foxes, birds and finally the mighty polar bear. This film features the fascinating wildlife of the Barents Sea and the people who endure the harsh conditions around its shores.

Written and directed by: Bo Landin & Henrik Ekman

» Awarded the “Grand Prix” at the 21st International Festival EKOFILM ’94 /
» Selected for showing at the 11th International Ecological Film Festival ÖKOMEDIA ’94 / Freiburg, Germany 1994.
» Selected for showing in the “Special-Show-Case” section and received the certificates of merit: Magna Cum Laude – Silver Medal- FC and Cum Laude – Bronze Medal at The VII Prix Leonardo 1995 / Parma, Itay 1995.
» Awarded the Prix Italia Ecology Price