Arctic Survivors

Few living creatures can survive the polar winter with its months of total darkness and freezing cold. Despite this many places are teeming with life during the short summer months.

This film features life on the Arctic island of Svalbard and is the first account of some of its underwater wildlife. It shows how animals can survive in this severe climate, discovering some extraordinary adaptations shown by such diverse animals as the raindeer and Arctic char fish, the polar bear, seal, walrus, polar fox and a spectacular proliferation of bird life

Written and produced by: Bo Landin

» Received “Merit Award” for wildlife film making in a hostile environment/International Wildlife Film Festival/Montana, USA, 1994.
» Selected for showing at the 10th International Festival of Ornithological Films of Ménigoute/Ménigoute, France, 1994.
» Selected for showing at the 8th International Festival of Documentary Films on Parks/Sondrio, Italy, 1994.
» Selected for showing in the “Special-Show-Case” section and received the certificate of merit: Magna Cum Laude – Silver Medal- FC at The VII Prix Leonardo 1995 / Parma, Itay 1995.