Filming in Qatar

The Hunt for the Hidden Killer goes on. In search of the causes for ALS, and possibly Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, the film crew followed scientists Paul Cox, Renee Richer and Aspasia Chatziefthymiou into the desert in Qatar. The scientists believe the cyanobacteria they have found in the desert crust could be a reason why, for example, so many soldiers who fought in the Desert Storm Gulf war in 1991 came down with ALS.

The film crew from Resolution Productions in Qatar (director David Malone, DoP  Kyle Davaark, Camera Assistant Carlos Aliswag and Sound Operator Chris Kalinski) has a chance to film when scientists turned the soil green by watering the desert. There it was, the mat of cyanobacteria!


The Inland Sea to the south in Qatar is a water body that regularly expands into the desert. Thick mats of cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae) cover the bottom in shallow waters and along the shores.