Grand Prix to Nature’s Dance

Nature’s Dance produced and directed by Bo Landin and camerman Jan Henriksson wins Estonian Film festival

Nature’s Dance is a different kind of natural history film and the jury at the Matsalu International Nature Film Festival concluded “An excellent story about the beauty and grace of the nordic nature. The film covers the mating season of different animals with highest quality footage.

In the temperate ecosystems of the world, nature in spring bursts with hopes and unfulfilled sexual desires. The sexes come together, to impress on each other, carefully select a partner and raise a new brood. For many species an elaborate dance is part of the mating ritual.

Finnish cinematographer Jan Henriksson has documented the wildlife of Scandinavia for more than 20 years. His films have won numerous international film awards. With director Bo Landin, the idea was to capture the many different dances in nature. Everything from birds to insects perform in the warmer spring days and nights. Even mammals try to keep up with the performers. Some dances are romantic duets, others are fierce fights between males pumped full of testosterone.

The music score for this film is composed and performed by Alan Williams.

The film “Nature’s Dance” is a celebration of the beauty and grace in nature, as seen during the hectic summer months in Scandinavia when animals come together to find a partner and to secure the survival of the species.