Climate change and the Arctic

The Arctic is under attack. Global warming is rapidly changing what used to be a frozen world. In a two-part series Bo Landin visits Greenland and Iceland to find out what climate change is doing to the Arctic. 

“As a biologist I have visited the Arctic for more than 25 years. I now return to a place where climate change brings threats, and hopes, to a frozen world”, Bo Landin comments.

Greenland, a country about to become what it’s called: a green land in the wake of climate change and global warming.

“But what is tragic is that a country like Greenland, that has contributed almost nothing to the gases that now create global climate change, is affected more severely than most other places on earth. And because Greenland and this part of the Arctic are hit so severely, that in turn will lead to the most severe effects on countries far beyond the horizon, all over the world. ”

Greenland Iceland 2007 359What is especially obvious is that the inland ice in Greenland is melting at a faster pace than ever. The fiords are filled with more and more ice.

The story about Greenland’s glaciers is nothing short of frightening. They are moving 210 % faster now than they did ten years ago. The amount of ice that reaches the ocean each year has, in ten years, increased from 90 cubic kilometers to 224 – and the increase continues. No wonder the fjord is jam packed with ice.