The Wild Wild West

The wild west is a phrase with ample connotations. No doubt in the American psyche it is the frontier, a wilderness that confronted people with sometimes bone chilling danger. The Rockies became synonymous with insurmountable obstacles, both physical and emotional.

As the settlers conquered the land, they soon realized the place also incorporated the American Edens, places of such beauty and grandeur that they must be protected for eternity.

Scandinature now plans a documentary film that follows some of the key species along the Rockies, a film that sees this part of the world from their perspective. It’s a film about mountain lion, wolverines, wolves, bears and the bison. We follow them through life cycles and get intimate portraits of families and foes. These are wild encounters in our own backyards. It’s drama and joy. It’s life and death in a perpetual cycle of wildlife interactions. The film will be release for theaters and for giant screens.

It’s the Wild Wild West.

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